Homemade captam spy cams particular stop intimidating boss

10-May-2018 07:05

Actually thats completely wrong when you said that an EMP will stop a pacemaker.Can you seriously imagine thousands of people just dropping dead when they walk to close to an MRI machine or a strong Neo-dynium magnet in a speaker or something of that sort?Another great anti drone tool is an automated surface to air missile launcher.These can be sourced on the deep web or from certain Islamic extremist groups.He then will just simply re-program the pacer to enter it's normal operation program.And then that is that, and no one is the worse for the wear.Not to mention people inadvertently making "lethal" spare parts created EMP's?

I wanted to make an EMP which will be portable and which can be hidden under full sleeves( That's naughty! If you have the right parts, you can build it in no time. WARNING: Not for children under 15 yrs of age : DWell seriously, If you get a shock it'll shake your spine. If you don't have one, its not that tough to make one, but it'll take lots of time. If you use the circuit of a separate flash, its even much more powerful than the normal cameras. If the coil is too large I can get a nerve-racking shock just my slight movements of my palm. The point of fixing the antenna is to allow the palm to move freely.

I SHOULD NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATEVER THINGS YOU DESTROYAn old camera circuit, doesn't matter whether its disposable or not is absolutely necessary. The reason I used a normal camera circuit in place of disposable ones is that the capacitor in a normal camera is much more powerful than the disposable ones. I had to make a coil which won't cover much area because I had to fix the coil on the palm of my hand. After that I have used a walkie-talkie antenna which I fixed with the palm-part with tape.