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That's one thing I don't know if people knew or not. I never cheated on Charlie and Richie never cheated on Heather.

Remember back in 2006 when there was all that controversy about Denise Richards dating Richie Sambora, who just happened to be the very recent ex of her neighbor and former BFF, Heather Locklear?

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The new coupling caused lots of drama and is said to have broken up the friendship between the gals.

In 2006, Locklear and Sambora filed for divorce, which was finalized in April 2007.

In September of 2008, police arrested Locklear on suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance.

The divorce made headlines after Sambora, 54, began dating Charlie Sheen ex Denise Richards, shortly after his separation from Locklear.

Richards and Locklear were close friends at the time, which added insult to injury.

In January 2012, Locklear ended up in the hospital after reportedly mixing alcohol and prescription medication.