Hacked online sex chat

18-Feb-2018 01:50

Though I'm doubtful their goal to subvert torrent porn will succeed...

China's first big upscale sex toy store: online China is the majority source of the world's sex toys.

The CTO responsible for You Porn said, Aside from the CTO's instructive comments about the situation, on closer look one could see there was no "hacking" involved.

Someone simply found what amounted to careless debugging logs - it was a programmer error left in the open.

A week after the actual event, headlines described that porn tube megasite You Porn had been hacked and that thousands of users had their login credentials and passwords exposed.

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Leaked Source.com, a site that collects and processes so-called “megabreaches,” giant hacks of user data, announced Sunday that hackers have stolen and shared nearly 340 million Adult Friend Finder accounts.However, the self-titled "Social Media Mastermind" representing You Porn handled the post's comments so abysmally I was inclined to believe that the post was PR spin.Yet when the CTO jumped into comments on the Hacker News post and answered every question, it was quickly revealed that You Porn (4 million users) was not hacked. In fact, he revealed that the third party chat site was a white-label affiliate Manwin inherited with the You Porn purchase (a white-label site is operated by an outside company with a skin rebranded by marketers to match You Porn).The information had been circulating messageboards for over a week until hitting Thursday's headlines.

You Porn reacted by taking down the server and notifying users of the chat site of the exposure - and stated they were reconsidering their obligations to the third party.Richard Branson wins his dot-XXX namesquatting battle We all knew that the only use for the dot-XXX domain was defensive registration profiteering and name-squatters thinking they held dot-XXX lottery tickets.

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