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Any fighter whose score dips to zero will be permanently barred from Brain Burst. That makes Brain Burst almost as unforgiving as Dark Souls.

Intermixed with the virtual reality scrapping, Accel World also features some implausible harem antics.

The only area where the artwork stumbles would have to be the design of Haru, who looks out of place when compared to the other characters.

It’s akin to watching Ghost in the Shell only to then spot that one of the cast is drawn like a character from Dexter’s Laboratory.

Accel World is a twenty-four episode anime series based on the light novels penned by Reki Kawahara (author of the smash hit Sword Art Online.) When it comes to storytelling it appears that Mr Kawahara follows the old adage of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” Both the aforementioned shows feature characters playing virtual reality games, although Accel World’s setting is futuristic whilst Sword Art Online caters to fantasy/medieval fans. My net connection is so bad that I can’t even play Farmsville without suffering serious lag.

At the time of writing UK viewers can purchase the first part of the series, courtesy of MVM Entertainment, for the sum of seventeen British pounds (or ten thousand Zimbabwe dollars.) STORY The show takes place in the near future, where Internet technology has advanced to the point were users can communicate telepathically and play virtual reality games using a portable Neuro-Link. Moving back on-topic, Accel World’s protagonist is a high school student named Haru Arita who is lacking in the height department, but more than makes up for it in the girth of his waist.

Yes I get that Haru has low self-esteem and his appearance is a contributing factor, but the artists went a little too far in making him unattractive.

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One example of unlikely love is Haru’s childhood friend Chiyuri who gets jealous whenever Haru interacts with another girl.Clearly Electronic Arts didn’t design this game, as their greedy corporate ways would demand that players cough up cash to buy points via online transactions. Haru ultimately decides to aid Kuroyukihime in her quest to become the first ever level ten Brain Burst player.