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Estimating the cancer burden not only helps us to formulate policies but also gear up for future management strategies.The NCRP commenced by the ICMR in December 1981 has been working on the objectives of collection of authentic data on cancer occurrence, undertaking epidemiological studies, developing human resource in cancer epidemiology and registration and helping National Cancer Control Program (NCCP) of our country in planning, monitoring and evaluation of cancer control activities.These findings were later confirmed by the establishment of PBCRs in northeastern states.It functions by strengthening the departments of pathology in medical colleges and other hospitals and also providing orientation/training in cancer registration and epidemiology to pathologists.As per latest data of India from GLOBOCAN 2012, top three cancers in female are breast, cervix uteri and colo-rectum and in male are oral cavity, lung and stomach.Most cancer cases in India are associated with tobacco use, infections, and other avoidable causes.

NCCP was evaluated in 2004, and the program was further revised with effect from January 1, 2005.So far, NCCP has supported 85 oncology wings in medical colleges including 27 tertiary cancer centers across the country.