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09-Mar-2018 01:50

One of the most powerful things you can say is, 'Is there a law or requirement that I must provide it to you, and can you tell me what it is?' You can also ask the person requesting your Social what will happen if you don't disclose it," she says.

In fact, many other people may share two groupings exactly.

"The reason a doctor or a dentist asks for your Social Security number is that, should you die while under his or her care, they are required to put your Social Security number on the death certificate," says Foley.

Even so, fulfilling noncredit-related requests -- even medical-related requests -- is purely optional, says L.

Another example: If you or your children receive services or aid at the state or local level, such as free or reduced fee lunch or financial aid.

The local motor vehicle department, thanks to the USA PATRIOT Act, has the legal right to ask for Social Security numbers, too.Group number (shown in black): This number is a relic of paper filing systems.

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