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If they're anything like Trump, the virtual bar might have their name boldly stamped across its walls.

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” By then, the internet and social media will likely have accompanied most candidates for years, possibly from childhood, documenting moments from graduation to that time you played too much beer pong and barfed in the bushes.It was Frederick Douglass, who used a nascent technology that could propel his image farther and wider than any painted portrait could in years past.“He wanted to change people’s impression of an African-American person,” Lubell says.“In the 160 portraits he sat for, he looks presidential, he’s dressed incredibly well. “To me this is the beginning of trying to control an image and project it out and influence a great number of people,” Lubell adds, the way presidential candidates do.Some single images still rise to the level of iconic, but today it’s the “totality of all these images that begin to shape and inform us and change our position,” Lubell adds.

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Looking to the future, he brings up a prescient, albeit mildly terrifying point.The goal was to bolster his image as a leader who could handle military and defense issues, but it “turned into the complete opposite of what he’d hoped,” van Dijk says.