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This is a central Moscow street as well as one of the oldest ones, it is mentioned in ancient papers of the 12th century.It is hard to believe today but Moscow started where Tverskaya Street did. In case you prefer visiting boutiques and books shop the even side is yours. starts near The State Duma (the lower house of the Federal Assembly, the parliament of the Russian Federation).If the information matches the theme of the site, it is enough to provide a link. You can quote and summarize other authors in small volumes with the obligatory reference to the source, if their thoughts intersect and harmonize with the theme of the site, but to move to their detailed discussion — it means get off the subject. If the user published a post or opened a topic, but it is not moderated, i.e. allows other participants of topics do not follow the Portal Rules, the post or topic can be deleted, and the user can be restricted to creating posts / topics. It is unacceptable to create a forum topic consisting of the same message without the development of the discussion, for example — the announcement of the event.

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