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22-Mar-2018 05:22

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It’s hard, and not everyone has an eye for aesthetics or knows how to market themselves to potential romantic interests.

Your Tinder profile is all you have on your quest for love (or sex), so it has to serve you well.

But now there’s a new kind, one that takes away all of the tiny bit of effort that Tinder requires.

Meet Tinder Us: A service that will effectively pimp out your Tinder profile and coach you on flirting, all for a mere .

It is assumed that all men know just what to do and how to do it instinctively — because they're men!

Take a look at the self-help books on love and dating for women. I compiled lists of them for my female clients — organized by category, age and need.

He said he’s “been using Tinder for a short while now and [has] been quite successful in getting dates.” Tinder Us is the business that resulted from him asking his “fashion friends” to help some of his buddies who were not having much luck on the app. For , unlucky and unmatched Tinderers can get their profile photos and tagline curated by fashion industry pros, as described by the company, and even get coached on how to chat and flirt with their matches for optimal meetup potential.

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“We help you with your presentation and social skills through some quick, expert advice that can be used in any situation. You sit in the comfort of your pajamas, and you swipe. Sure, conversing can be tricky at times, having to think of engaging questions to ask or replies to give. What I’m worried about here is that this could be a detriment to our social skills in the long run. As a young single female in a city touted as having more men than women, I can tell you that high-quality interactions and effort are hard to find from men.

“No guile, no game, no girl,” said the fictional dating coach Hitch, played by Will Smith in the movie of the same name, to his newest customer.

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