Dating why is it so hard

23-Jun-2018 23:46

A: Ah ghosting – have you had experiences with that? A: Again, this is an example of how casual treatment of others has become.

About 10 minutes later, he sent another message saying he was on his way. People have been stood up for years – although mobile phones mean people feel more comfortable doing it, like sending a text makes it OK.

A mixer, where we were given keys and padlocks and had to match them up – I did get a snog out of it.

A: Well we had text messaging when I was ‘out in the field’ but thankfully no social media at all. But I did go to a singles’ night – we used to have those. My head was spinning, it was like a marriage in 24hours.

But not before telling me I was too clingy and we were going nowhere.

A: And I’ve had that special lovely experience of the fabulous date, the meeting of minds, the excitement, the amazing night in bed – followed by the morning of shame where he couldn’t get out of the door quick enough.

But I know people who’ve dated someone for ages and then, poof, just gone.

B: I, luckily, because my poor tortured brain would not handle that well, have never been ghosted. Dating used to feel quite special but the never-ending options (yes, mainly thanks to social media) has meant everyone feels entitled to play the field a bit wider, a bit craftier.

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At least you used to get bought a drink or dinner before someone got to see your bits and bobs. Totally going to name my pups Bits and Bobs now, though.

B: So another hook up I met on Twitter now has his lovely girlfriend as his avi.

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