Dating teacher after graduation

22-Mar-2018 20:39

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His reporting has examined police mistreatment of rape victims, corruption among Pennsylvania public officials, the high dismissal rate in the Philadelphia criminal courts, among other issues. When not teaching fifth graders, Kershaw took boys camping, canoeing, and on ski trips.He “loved introducing boys to the wonders of nature.” After a long career at Philadelphia’s elite Chestnut Hill Academy and three other local private schools, Kershaw died a satisfied man, according to an obituary he drafted himself.He returned last night, and I adamantly ended the relationship forthwith, but it was not easy. The line may be technically blurry but in your heart it is quite clear: To the young man, you are still his teacher, still a person in a position of trust and authority.You may have done nothing wrong in a technical sense. Sex with such a person carries heavy contradictions and confusion -- not only for him but for you.However, it is generally against the rules if not just universally frowned upon to date a student while he or she is still attending college. Believe me, even though you would no longer be her teacher, you still have influence as a faculty member.You could jeopardize your career- even if dating a former student isn't against policy, it's certainly something that could be considered questionable conduct.

At the very least, make sure she's no longer a student there before you date her. Moreover, I suggest you contact a lawyer, explain what has happened and get some good advice.Someone could tell someone who could tell someone's parents and next thing you know charges, while baseless, could be filed.You don't want you bosses to think you're using the student body (bodies) as a dating pool.

If you're a college professor or adjunct, you've obviously worked hard and invested a great deal of time, effort and money into your education.Having said all that, I would also like to say that while child sexual abuse is an abominable crime, there also seems to be a certain tabloid hysteria in this country about teachers, students and sex that neither protects children nor helps them grow into responsible, caring, thinking adults.

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