Dating scans in pregnancy

23-Oct-2017 03:46

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CJ Scott Media, an African newspaper, reports that in October 2011 Bridget Godfrey had a healthy baby boy naturally, her second child after a 15 month pregnancy.Finally anthropologist George Julius Engelmann, in his book ‘Labor Among Primitive People’, published in 1883, found that, ‘The Chinese believed that pregnancy can last two or three years because the child does not wish to leave the womb.’ Now, why would they believe such a thing if they had not actually seen a woman pregnant with the same child for two or three years? The data for this is a very faulty study from 1958.Now of course, some women will deliver at 35 or even 34 weeks and their babies are completely fine.This is because HER time had come and it happened to be 35 or 34 weeks.Why are we using such an old study to force women by fear and guilt into inductions and C-sections, both of which carry huge risks, based on one fifty year old study?Probably because the more recent studies do not back it up.

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Luke 2v6 speaking of Mary, “And so it was, that, when they were there, the days were accomplished that SHE should be delivered…

He was born by planned section and passed away before I got to hold him.

Initiate Gesture Control by tilting and panning the handle, and the camera will follow these movements smoothly.… continue reading »

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