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You'll make a good first impression by showing up and revealing a bit of your personality to your new date, not by latching onto compatibility questions, Dateline interviewer-style. Janna's in her mid thirties and is wildly in love with her partner Gwen. They cocoon a lot, spend every waking, available moment together, they're inseparable. Until I see Gwen flinch ever so slightly when Janna comes to hang on her right shoulder.As a dater, your entire job on a first a date is to show up on time, present yourself as who you truly are (vs who you think they want you to be), and you'll get extra points for being vulnerable if the moment calls for it. There's too much "oneness" to their relationship and I fear that soon there will either be a breaking point or a break-up (I'm rooting for the breaking point).The people who walk away with their partners don't do so because they had an easy time with online dating (okay, maybe some did).They walk away from it with their partner because they kept going through the process -- even when it sucked.

Want to know the difference in those two kinds of people?The most difficult part was finding (and walking) the path of traditional publishing.After I finished the book in early 2013, I thought, "well now what?It really is okay to let this stranger be the first to introduce themselves to you in a way they'd like to be known, we don't need the Google for that.

If I were dating today, I wouldn't do it, not before a first date anyway. There are some people who succeed at online dating and find their partner.

Writing the book has brought me a lot of opportunities, this interview, television, radio, etc.