Dating help for dorks

01-Dec-2017 07:45

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The fact that he was having a hard time figuring it out was, in its own weird way, a compliment.I made him guess--and finally, he went with "nerd." And again, strangely, I was flattered.As long as the woman isn't too aggressive, she is gonna get a date 9 times out of 10.HOW TO HANDLE IT IF A NERD MAKES A MOVE ON YOU MAURA: Are nerds more or less likely to make the first move?MAURA: Speaking from experience, I can back you up on that.And of course, I think all of us are suckers for a good listener. It's a winning flirtation technique any way you cut it. MAURA: In what ways are nerds different from other guys when it comes to dating? If a nerd goes out with a coiffed, perfectly tan Barbie doll, he'll probably become bored (albeit extremely horny) within a few minutes.

Fellas are so accustomed to making first move after first move, that it's both refreshing and flattering to be sought.

He might even sabotage the date to find more engrossing company--whereas other guys will patiently listen to her stories of nail polish and shopping in the hopes of getting into her pants.

The nerd will end the date and simply take matters into his own hands; an act with which he's comfortable and familiar. HOW TO SNAP A NERD OUT OF IT MAURA: If a nerd comes over to flirt with you, and the conversation just feels NERDY--like, he's talking about the table of elements, or about a comic book convention he recently went to, or something--is there a way to help snap him out of it?

MATT: Just tell him you're a nerd too and share a story about how you were a smart little kid or can name 65 different handbag designers.

He'll be instantly sidetracked from his own tales of nerdom and attracted to your own dorky pursuits. MATT: On a side note, however, if you ever want to "cure" him of his nerdery, that's a bad sign.

And Hot Band Guy writing back to defend for finding him (HBG) so boring! If he's able to spend 45 minutes explaining the different ways to tune a snare drum, then he's a nerd, too, on top of being a rock-star. I can certainly be somewhat nerdy about books and movies and indie rock--I guess.