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25-Nov-2017 15:37

The following charts and pictures on the dating bottles pages listed below should help.This dating engine will estimate the age of your glass bottle based on its various attributes.Until the late 1800s, most beer was sold in kegs since bottled beer had to be consumed quickly or it would spoil.But the advent of pasteurization in 1876 made it safe to bottle fermented products, and along with America’s growing rail system, the bottled-beer industry boomed.

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Moore – Stone Ginger Beer”; “Kings’s Old Country Limited – King’s Old Country Stone Ginger Beer, Winnipeg, Manitoba”; “Ye Old Country – Stone – Ginger Beer – Vancouver, B. There was, however, an earlier type of ginger beer produced by Mead & Metheglin dating to the early 1600s in Colonial America.Try to avoid any bottle at the store with dust on it, that way you can age it yourself properly if you want and ensure it will mature the right way.

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