Dating finding and keeping the one

20-Mar-2018 15:14

During our visit in Thailand for a three-week-summer-vacation, I met up with my friend Annie. Annie told me that she´s so envious of me because I found the man of my dreams, got to share my life with him and travel the world with him.

She´s sad because according to her, she´s not as lucky.

She commented that she´s envious of me too because I look so happy with my husband.

She´s sad because she has no luck when it comes to love. but she insisted that she already have accepted it — she will always fail in love.

Are you fumbling in the dark when it comes to choosing the right partner for you?

There is so much bad dating advice out there at the moment.

It´s FREE, informative, and packed with practical effective tips to finding (and keeping) your one TRUE love.Perhaps you’re confused about whom exactly and what type of person you should be dating?It's natural to be afraid of making the wrong relationship choices only to find yourself single again.How I Met My Husband in Social Networking Site But I didn´t let fate determine my future, I took it upon my hands to search for true love while I trusted God that He will guide me find the one. For so long I had a very low opinion of myself in terms of my looks.

Many people around me told me that I would never have a boyfriend because I´m not pleasant to look at, in short, I´m ugly. See: Improve Your Self-Esteem Self-Confidence: 10-Week e-Course Whenever I´d meet a man especially online, I´d say, “I´m not much to look at but I´m a very honest, loving kind of person, hard-working and an achiever.” I tended to put down myself first before anyone could and yet deep inside me, I was hoping that the guy would reverse my statement with, “of course you look good! Most of the time, I did get what I wanted to hear, the guy would tell me, “please don´t be harsh on yourself, you´re pretty.” But I already came off as an insecure lady and guys don´t like that. In a German TV show, Catch the Millionaire, there´s this cute sweet lady whom the real millionaire was attracted to.This may be true for other people you know who are in a relationship already.

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