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Many entries describe visits by her students and friends in Japan and provide a revealing look at Japanese social life and customs. Many small groups of loose materials were found laid into the beginning or end of the journals; these were removed and placed in a separate folder following the journal; some of these items appear to be unrelated to the journals in which they were found.

Browse images Archival collection guide Martha (Foster) Crawford kept diaries throughout her life, as a young woman in Alabama, 1845-1851, and later as a Baptist missionary to China.

Other entries describe the local landscape, history, folklore, and customs of the various places visited.

There are numerous color and pencil drawings that illustrate the text.

The first entry begins in Meean Meer (or Mian Mir), a former large British cantonment in Pakistan.

Officers and families traveled to locations including Islamabad, Kashmir, Aliabad, and Pindi Gheb.

Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library at Duke University: Browse images Archival collection guide Mary Mc Cornack Thompson (1858-1936) and her husband, William L. In the diaries, Thompson wrote of her daily activities as a missionary, including building and expanding the mission, encounters with locals, learning Zulu, wildlife, meeting other missionaries, teaching and praying.

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Her diary shows the impact of the American Protestant missionary on China with a day-by-day record of her life.A third diary, "Scenes from Southern Spain" (1 v.), was written during 1911.