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01-Feb-2018 05:31

There’s a big following for soccer and Ukraine has its own professional league.

The national team qualified for the 2006 FIFA World Cup where they lost in the quarter finals to eventual champions Italy.

A number of holidays and festivals are celebrated by Ukrainians including popular Christian festivals such as Christmas, Easter, and New Year.

There are also local festivals such as Whitsuntide and Ivana Kupala.

Sports The government of Ukraine places a heavy emphasis on physical education and health so it’s easy to find swimming pools, gymnasiums, and sports fields in many places.

A few popular sports of Ukraine include handball, soccer, basketball, tennis, gymnastics, ice hockey, and other athletics.

Initially, only men or women groups performed during cultural celebrations but now, mixed groups participate in various functions and enjoy the celebrations together.

Other famous cultural dances of Ukraine are Kozachok, Hopak, and Tropak.

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The Kozak is a popular dance from Central Ukraine with a long history.

Ukraine is located between Asia and Europe so its culture is a combination of Eastern and Western European influences.

With more than 110 ethnic groups, there’s a lot of diversity and unique characteristics in Ukrainian culture.

Dressing Style Ukrainian culture is also reflected in its dressing style. upan, Kontusz, and Sharovary for men, as well as Vyshyvanka and Kozhushanka for women.

The dress style of married and unmarried women is different and the traditional dressing includes embroidery which varies according to the regions in the country.

At the reception, the bride is expected to dance with unmarried women, placing a veil on them.