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22-Feb-2018 15:23

And even if you do land a first date with this guy, there may not be a second, for certain psychological reasons…”“According to a 2012 study by Reach Advisors, the median income of single women between the ages of 22 and 30 is now greater than the income of single men in that same age group in most cities throughout the country.”Behind closed doors, in the kinds of conversations my high-earning female friends would never let me share publicly, some of them tell me how challenging it is to find a partner because of their income. 95% of the responses were politically correct answers that made you nod your head. No financial responsibilities, no work, no problem--but these situations come with costs.Just because she wears thousand dollar shoes doesn't mean you have to.If she really wants you to dress a certain way, she will buy the items for you as gifts, but if she cares that much about your clothes, consider whether or not her priorities are in order.And if she wants to do an activity that is out of your price range, Swack says to discuss the problem."If she still has her heart set on it, swap out a future activity that you had in mind.

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"If you've planned an evening you can't afford just to impress her, consider making different plans." Don't let pride or embarrassment turn into excess spending and anger."Trying to keep up with her lifestyle can lead to resentment in the end," Boykin warns.While this is not OK during the first few dates, once you are in an established relationship, it is safe to consider.Or if she offers, let her treat you or pay for her own share." Thoughtfulness goes a long way, it also helps you save money.

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"A tight budget makes room for creativity when it comes time to give gifts or plan outings, and women care much more about the thought than the cost," Boykin says.

81% of women interviewed in the study had a college degree.