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25-Feb-2018 04:31

I called Lewis from the third-floor Somerville, Massachusetts apartment that used to belong to my ex-girlfriend and me, a young woman I met on Ok Cupid. Looking back on our two-year relationship from that dreary place—I would move out in less than a month’s time—I felt eaten alive by pain and regret.Never having met each other, I thought, would have been preferable to what actually happened. K, in fact, was just one in a series of several attempts to salve the heart wound that resulted from the -so-serendipitous union with my 99 percent match.But perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised: We met through Ok Cupid—85 percent match, 23 percent enemy (which sums to 108 percent, seems to me).Although many users, especially younger users, prefer swipe-based dating apps like Tinder—or its female-founded alter ego, Bumble (on which only women can write first messages)—Ok Cupid’s mathematical approach to online dating remains popular.Ok Cupid’s algorithm calculates match percentage by comparing answers to “match questions,” which cover such potentially deal-breaking topics as religion, politics, lifestyle, and—I mean, let’s be honest, most importantly—sex.For each question—say, “Do you like the taste of beer?Since its inception, Match Group has outgrown e Harmony by a pretty significant margin: Its 2014 revenues, for instance, were nearly twice its rival’s.Active since 2004, Ok Cupid’s claim to fame is the warm, fuzzy promise of pre-assured romantic compatibility with one’s top matches.

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Meeting up with a 99 percent match for cocktails, in other words, is sort of like gazing in a mirror on a good hair day, which may explain why the looks-first model employed by Tinder is winning with tech-savvy younger users. Indeed, the authors of that study wrote, “no compelling evidence supports matching sites’ claims that mathematical algorithms work—that they foster romantic outcomes that are superior to those fostered by other means of pairing partners.” The feel-good principles on which these search-methods are grounded—similarity of values, complementarity of sexual preference—are, sorry to be a killjoy, actually rather poor predictors of subjectively rated romantic success.

The formula errs on the conservative side, always showing you the lowest possible match percentage you could have with someone.

It also provides an enemy percentage, which is—confusingly—computed without the weighting, meaning it represents a raw percentage of incompatible answers.

Speaking with Lewis that gray October morning was, at least, somewhat comforting in its bleakness.

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“The thing that’s so interesting—and, from a research perspective, useful—about Ok Cupid is that their algorithm is transparent and user-driven, rather than the black-box approach employed by or e Harmony,” he said.You then rate the question’s importance on a scale that ranges from “a little” to “somewhat” to “very.” (If you mark all possible answers as acceptable, however, the question’s importance is automatically downgraded to “irrelevant” [cue the Borg]).

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