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“Contexts of civilizational collapse: a Mesopotamian view,” in The collapse of ancient states and civilizations, Norman Yoffee and George L. Nicholas (eds.); Foundations of Archaeological Inquiry. Late Hittite Emar: the chronology, synchronisms, and socio-political aspects of a Late Bronze Age fortress town. Jan-Waalke Meyer, Mirko Novák and Alexander Pruß (eds.); Frankfurt am Main: 12-19. “Prehistoric and early historic pottery of Bolkardağ mining district,” in XXXIVème Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale, XXXVI. Ankara: Archaeologisches Institut der Universitaet Ankara. “A Middle Assyrian pottery kiln at Tell Sabi Abyad,” in Beiträge zur Vorderasiatischen Archäologie Winfried Orthmann gewidmet. The art of Greece: Its origins in the Mediterranean and the Near East, Crown Publishers: New York. The palace of Sargon, king of Assyria: monumental wall reliefs at Dur-Sharrukin, from original drawings made at the time of their discoveryin 1843-1844 by Botta and Flandin. Lexis Advance is a powerful resource for online legal research, but its greatest asset is that it is simple to use.That simplicity enables us to quickly get our hands on relevant and useful results that we know will be beneficial to our clients. “Private houses and graves at Ingharra, a reconsideration,” Mesopotamia 18-19 (1983-1984): 135-165. “A new frontier: first results of the Tigris-Euphrates Archaeological Reconnaissance Project, 1988,” JNES 48: 241-281. “The Uruk expansion: cross-cultural exchange in early Mesopotamian civilization,” Current Anthropology 30: 571-608. The Uruk world system: the dynamics of expansion of early Mesopotamian civilization.

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Uluslararası Hititoloji Kongresi Bildirileri Çorum 16-22 Eylül 1996. Land behind Baghdad: a history of settlement on the Diyala plains. “Patterns of urbanization in early southern Mesopotamia,” in Man, settlement and urbanism. “Discoveries in Euphrates valley and Syrian Jezireh,” in La Djéziré et l’Euphrate Syriens de la Protohistoire à la fin du IIe Millénaire av. Tendances dans l’interprétation historique des données nouvelles (Subartu VII). Lingering over words: studies in ancient Near Eastern literature in honor of William L.

Abusch, Tzvi; John Huehnergard; Piotr Steinkeller (eds); 1990. “İslahiye bölgesi araştırmaları: Yesemek çalışmaları ve Tilmen höyük kazısı (1963),” TAD 13: 5-9.

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