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16-Aug-2017 03:08

Former Florida coach Steve Spurrier was once asked to sign a pacemaker.(Don't worry, it had already been removed.)Ohio State coach Urban Meyer was asked to sign a snow plow. Coaches from coast to coast can attest that when it comes to signing autographs, the bizarre is the norm.Many fans are caught fumbling for a Sharpie or a pen when they see their favorite coach, and then hand over the only things they have on them. They come prepared -- even if it's in the men's room -- and the coaches are the ones who are caught off guard:"Sir, I'm not going to sign that arm" Arkansas coach Bret Bielema was on the road with the Razorback Club when one fan plopped his prosthetic arm down on a table for him to sign.' And he stepped over about 5 feet and waited by the sink. "They go, 'Uh, uh' -- and they point back and there's this lady who's laughing herself and is bright red, and it's their mother. ""I don't know what exactly happened, but there was some sense of victory on the part of the kids that they talked mom out of her bra," he said.When I got done washing my hands, he was there waiting for the autograph.""I worry about defacing federal property"At 77, Hall of Fame coach Bill Snyder said he still signs anywhere from 10 to 50 items a day, and he is well-known for writing handwritten letters with his signature. "So I'm looking back at her because this bra is big enough that ... I mean, if anybody's going to put that much energy and thinking and collaboration and teamwork into getting an autograph, I'm more than happy to do it and I'm just honored they asked.""I didn't want to devalue the painting by putting my signature on it"Texas coach Tom Herman was overwhelmed.

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FIDM's Career Center team has exceptional connections within our industries and offers one-on-one targeted career planning and placement services.Or the old Mustang one woman asked the entire team and coaches to sign as they walked off the practice field. About a year ago, a woman who was diabetic emailed Swinney's senior administrative assistant, Beth Douglas, to see if "Dabo could meet Dabo.""The dog just crawled right into Dabo's lap," Douglas said, "licking him up one side and down the other."The coach, of course, couldn't resist, and signed the 6-month-old lab's service vest.Since winning the national championship, Swinney has been signing about 30 things a day, according to Douglas.For the better portion of my 20s, I’ve been single.

And not just solo, but really-really-really-want-to-be-in-a-relationship-crazy-obsessed-single-gal.

Part-time work and Internships with companies like J Brand Jeans, Stila, BCBG, and movies are built into the curriculum.

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