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Barbie is loved by many Americans and collected by even more.From general doll collectors to those who exclusively collect Barbie dolls, these blogs teach you everything you need to know about Barbie and how to go about buying or selling collector’s pieces.It’s a great site for learning the basics of what to look for when buying a limited edition Barbie online. Barbie Collector This is the official site for purchasing collection edition Barbie dolls.It shows what new releases will hit store shelves and when, so the avid collector can plan their purchase. Barbie This Barbie site has fun games and activities for little girls who are a fan of the recognized doll. Carol Spencer Designs This is a brilliant blog for learning about the history of Barbie dolls, including the tweaks that have been made to the doll throughout the decades. Dolls 4 Play It’s all vintage Barbie dolls at this website.It’s a smart starting point for newbies to get familiar with limited edition dolls and accesories. Barbie Convention Keep up with other Barbie addicts by following this blog over the Barbie doll convention, which takes place annually. Crazy for Barbie This Barbie site is arguably the best resource on the web for those who want to learn everything about collecting Barbie dolls.

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It’s a great blog for the new collector to learn about price points and various exclusive dolls. Dream House Dolls This Barbie blog has everything from Barbie magazines and accessories galore.S., who spend an average of 00 per year on their collection.If you think Barbie dolls are mere child’s play, check out these Barbie doll blogs to learn more about the best-selling toy that has made its mark on pop culture in a major way.Top Barbie Blogs These top Barbie blogs are all about one of America’s most-loved dolls and the history of the toy since debuting in the late ‘50s. Mukla Barbie This is one of the best sources on the web for everything Barbie.

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It showcases Barbie’s from nearly every era, giving you Bat Girl Barbie and the Tarina Tarantino Barbies. My Scene Barbie This site is for Barbie aficionados who want fun touches like Barbie wallpaper for computers and smartphones. Vintage Barbie and Fashion Doll Guide This blog teaches you about vintage Barbies and other collectable dolls.

"We try and choose dolls that represent the people in our house," said Nikki Helms.

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