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21-Mar-2018 04:35

If anything, our parents were more concerned with our tying up the phone lines than our online whereabouts.

Sure, we may have been making under-the-table investments with Nigerian princes, but our parents were solely worried about the busy signal clogging our line.

Last month, Viber introduced public chats — a throwback to the chat rooms of old, where you could hop in and out and see what random strangers were talking about. You can still find those Wild West-style chat rooms in some corners of the internet, but they’ve passed out of the mainstream now that we’re all locked into our familiar group chats with our friends.

Viber’s public chats aren’t quite that, but they will let you get a Twitter-like inside look into the day-to-day of your favorite online personalities — like us!

Only, truth be told, all the people in those rooms were probably either under the age of 12 or over the age of 50.

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Very few people had considered the notion of troubling internet connections, we were too enthralled by its exciting possibilities to see any danger in letting children loose into chatrooms with a slew of card-carrying NAMBLA members and known sex offenders.

If you hop onto your Viber account, you’ll now see a tab with a few concentric ovoid-looking shapes.