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The word had fallen into obsolescence before rising from obscurity as the sport of sailing rose in popularity.

'Ahoy' can also be used as a greeting, a warning, or a farewell.

Ohio Sea Grant uses a combination of research, education and outreach projects to address critical environmental, economic and education issues affecting Ohio, the Great Lakes region and the nation.

In spoken German both ways of addressing people work, so either the command or the addressee can come first, e. In the 1780s ahoy was already used on the stage in London to create a sea-faring atmosphere. In the comedy The Walloons, brought to the stage in 1782 by the playwright Richard Cumberland, the expression was used to catch someone's attention: "Ahoy! The expression ahoy was probably first heard in public in 1789 in the lyrics of a Sea Shanty, a worksong sung by able seamen, when the English composer Charles Dibdin (1745-1814) performed his musical The Oddities in London."Ahoy" represents the original English form and its first maritime use was recorded in 1751 as a new word in nautical language.The first evidence for the German word "ahoi" is found in 1828.", alongside "ahiu, wie schône sie het sich ûz gefêgetieret", English: "ahiu, how prettily she has dressed! Ahiu has the same meaning as the interjections ahiv, ahiw and hiu, which occur in this text as well.

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As part of a group of words consisting of ahî, ay and ahei, which express pain, desire and admiration, ahiu can be found before exclamative or optative sentences and in emphatic greetings.

Each year the program supports projects at a number of Ohio colleges, universities and agencies. Stone Lab was created in 1895, and is the oldest freshwater biological field station in the country.