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The next key is simply to accept that your body is your body and your shape is your shape and there is only so much that you can do to change that.Your overall shape is going to be controlled by your bone structure and genetics as much as is by your diet and exercise.Yes, I realize that you’re sensitive to people noticing your stomach or your nech.I realize that baggy clothes seem more comfortable.

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After all, if they’d just apply themselves, fat people could lose weight easily! Over the years, we have been discovering that there are innumerable other factors that affect body fat accumulation and weight gain.

Now we could dwell on the fact that these various winners are not gym-sculpted Adonnises themselves, but instead I want to focus on the positive and work on people’s lives instead of trying to stroke the hate-boner.

Besides, the best revenge is living well and there’s nothing quite like seeing the underdog succeed despite all of his or her disadvantages. The cognitive dissonance Now, I’m going to be blunt: dating can suck when you’re fat.

Trust me: clothes that fit right may feel odd at first but you’ll quickly start to realize how much you instead of trying to conceal you.

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You want simple clothes that define your shape rather than just hang.Take, for example, this image from a feature in the UK periodical The Sun; they flipped the script by posing ordinary men in underwear ads a la David Beckham or Christiano Ronaldo: women prefer large and burly even when society insists that they only like guys who look like they’re 3% body fat.

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