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The tradition of church singing in Bulgaria is more than thousand years old.In the Bulgarian Orthodox Church there are two traditions of church singing - Eastern monodic (one-voice) singing and choral (polyphonic).Bulgarian folk music inspired and was used by musicians like Kate Bush and George Harrison.Bulgarian vocal style has a unique throat quality, while the singers themselves are renowned for their range.They are also performed in Bulgaria and abroad by amateur and professional performing artists and choirs. Dobrudzha, Sofia, Rodopi, Macedonia, Thrace and the Danube plain all have distinctive sounds.

The Bulgarian State Television Female Vocal Choir also known as Mystery of Bulgarian voices has also attained a considerable degree of fame.

Many Bulgarian composers (Dobri Hristov, Petar Dinev, etc.) create their works in the spirit of Russian polyphony.

Today Orthodox music is alive and is performed both during church worship services and at concerts by secular choirs and soloists.

Contemporary Bulgarian worldwide recognized choirs and singers in whose repertoire permanently takes place the orthodox music are: Yoan Kukuzel Choir, Sofia Boys' Choir, Madrigal Sofia Choir, Sofia Orthodox Choir, Sofia Priest Choir, etc., worldwide famous opera singers Boris Christov and Nicola Ghiuselev.

The distinctive sound of Bulgarian folk music comes partly from the asymmetric rhythms, harmony and polyphony, such as the use of close intervals like the major second and the singing of a drone accompaniment underneath the melody, especially common in songs from the Shopi region in Western Bulgaria and the Pirin region.Bulgarian folk music is unique in its complex harmonies and highly irregular rhythms.