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The choice was clear and it was made without hesitation, a plan that has reportedly been in place for months now.With the Total Divas show airing within the next couple weeks and both Cena and Bryan dating a Bella twin, things are going to get very interesting over the next month.He later confesses that his last girlfriend gave him the Heisman after meeting his mother. As we already know, Rachel’s faith is important to her (remember when she took Nick to church?) And what better way to bond with Dean than to recreate this date at a Catholic, French speaking church in Old Town, Geneva?Rachel insists that it won’t, but Rachel hasn’t seen previews from next week’s hometown visits and I have, so we’ll see about that. ) Also, as an aside: Who is pouring these glasses and can they come work at our local bar? Rachel knows that all of today’s decisions will be difficult, including getting dressed, I guess, because she pairs a wool coat and ski hat with a crop top.Look, I haven’t made it a secret that Peter Kraus is my favorite Bachelor/ette contestant of all time. This is the outfit of a woman who is being pulled in too many directions. Rachel spends some one on one time with one of the guys whose name I don’t know, and she tearfully tells him that he reminds her the most of herself.With church behind them, Rachel feels the need to have a come to Jesus with Dean.Sure, he’s cute and silly, but she’s starting to wonder if he lied about his age on his Bachelorette application after he asks her if she still believes in the Tooth Fairy.

The program is heating up in a big way and the story has already produced one of the best Raw segments in recent memory. This match has yet to be made official but it will be once the episode of Smack Down taped earlier this week airs on Aug. That show features Christian defeating Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton in a triple threat match for number one contender status.

They got there by having newly named Monday Night Raw General Manager Brad Maddox tell Cena he could choose the man he wanted to defend his title against next.

So the champion took to asking the WWE Universe who they wanted to see him opposite and support for Bryan was overwhelming.

He paints the picture of an ideal family, one he’s anxious to introduce to Rachel, but there’s no way Rachel is ending up with someone who plays with puppets, if for no other reason than I listen to too many episodes of Sword and Scale.

By contrast, Eric paints a picture that makes him both endearing and relatable.

This also comes on the heels of his defeating Del Rio in a non-title match.