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28-Dec-2017 04:28

After corruption, environmental pollution (64% very serious), terrorism (61%), human rights abuses and the rising cost of food and energy (both 59%) were rated as the next most serious issues.The results are drawn from a survey of 13,353 adult citizens across 26 countries and the poll was commissioned by the BBC to understand which global issues those surveyed consider most serious.But it can put undue pressure on those who hope to meet the perfect match.“There is pressure to exchange phone numbers and pressure to meet right away, especially if someone is looking to get married,” she says.Polling was conducted for BBC World Service by the international polling firm Globe Scan and its research partners in each country.In nine of the 26 countries, the sample was limited to major urban areas.

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Then they are disappointed when they meet people who aren’t looking for commitment, too.

Majorities in all but four of the countries polled rated corruption as a very serious problem, with Brazilians (96%), Egyptians (91%), Colombians (88%), Filipinos (87%) and Kenyans (86%) most likely to rate it as very serious; but it was also rated among the most serious issues in China (73%), the USA (68%), Russia (67%) and India (66%).

In Europe, Italians were the most concerned about corruption (72%).

Issued on UN International Anti-Corruption Day, the BBC World Speaks poll, conducted by Globe Scan on behalf of BBC World Service, showed corruption was particularly likely to have been discussed by developing-world citizens, including respondents in Kenya (63%), Nigeria (49%), Indonesia (45%), and India (30%).

But significant numbers in industrialised countries such as Italy (14%), Spain (13%), and Canada (11%) had also discussed it.Results within countries are considered accurate within /- 3.0 to 4.9% 19 times out of 20.

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