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You can think of lots of different kinds of systems: mathematical systems (algebra, computer programs), or mechanical systems (computers or cars); natural systems (weather, or rocks, geology); and social systems (businesses, or the military).

In each case, when you systemize what you do, you try to understand the system in terms of the laws that govern the system.

Secondly, we need to find out if there are there any genes associated with systemizing.

Thirdly, are the parents of children with autism systemizers, defined according to their cognition?

But obviously such activity reflects your interests, which is what's going on in your mind, not just in your behavior.

He uses that as an analogy for the way in which a typically developing child is programmed to learn language.These programs are not a hundred percent deterministic; you can intervene, you can change. In the same way, systemizing isn't going to turn out to be a hundred percent genetic.There are few if any behavioral characteristics in humans that are one hundred percent genetic . First, we need to establish whether or not systemizing runs in families.Fourthly, do they both carry the genes for systemizing?

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Finally, when these genes combine, does this raise the risk of their child having autism?Juan was a full-time adult model before turning to mainstream acting.

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