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The marks were often stamped irregularly into ceramics or metalware and printed on top of the glaze.Most marks have either not taken properly or have worn over time and are difficult to read.Though similar to the mark above, notice that the crown is different and that Made in England has been added. To date, this mark has only been found printed in black, or decorated and reprinted in gold for the CHINALAND pattern. The smaller the size, the less detailed it, and the rest of the mark, becomes.Most Heraldic China is found with a smaller version of the Crown mark and with Ware being replaced by China. Initially used on Roger Michell & Danka Napiorkowska's Walking Ware. Printed using a rubberstamp, a quick and inexpensive way of marking ware. Note that the dates incorporated with these backstamps refer to the year in which in the copyright for the design was registered, not the year of manufacture.On the 1st January 1884, the whole Victorian registration kitemark system changed.All registered designs after that date were allocated a sequential number instead of a kite mark.This is probably why the Victorian kite mark was changed to a Registration serial number in 1884.

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Famous companies such as Wedgwood, Meissen, Doulton, Minton, Derby and Worcester all use a variety of numerical or symbolic china marks that can, with just a little knowledge and analysis, give you the exact date of production.