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18-Apr-2018 18:06

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You’re messaging back and forth with a hot girl and things are going well. Even if things are going well online, a lot of people get intimidated by the reality of actually meeting in person.

Don’t waste your time trying to revive these connections and move on to someone else instead.

Aziz Ansari, star of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” opened up Saturday night’s event with some surprise stand-up.

Aziz touches on something most online daters are familiar (and frustrated) with: .They go for refills, leaving you alone to wait at your table. Who knows, you might even meet a girl who doesn’t have a Tinder account.As we said above, online dating sites and apps offer up a huge pool of singles to choose from, plus the ability to filter them based on things like what color hair they have and whether or not they own a car.You might think asking someone out online would be easier than doing it in person, but it’s still surprisingly difficult.

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In person she has to respond and you can read her body language, plus the chances are ten other guys aren’t asking her out at the same time. If you really want to win at the online dating game, you need to follow all the rules, like knowing the difference between “hanging out” and asking for a date. But thanks to a ton of research, Aziz Ansari has given us plenty of insights into how to effectively navigate the modern dating scene.