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Most western countries the western man would expect to pay some sort of alimony child support and many other social consequences when i child is born.Many of the third world countrys seem to be having children like hatching eggs and this is why there will always be a lot of women available.The guy was not super ugly but was fairly short and not at all attractive.But he was eccentric, very interesting and accomplished (like her). She achieved a net worth of around US mn in a few years doing business in HK after graduation.Ghana is crawling with American missionaries and their bible-thumping converts. All of them are West African and therefore everything is loud: the people, the music, the automobiles/trucks/motorcycles. As you head west into Ivory Coast, Liberia, etc, there is Ebola plus corruption.As you head east into Nigeria, etc, things get very corrupt, very dangerous, disease-ridden, etc. East Africa (Kenya, Ethiopia, etc) are much more dangerous than the 3 countries I mentioned.Skip to content Most of the content points mainly to just one country - Phils. Certain young Pinays treat much older and/or very unattractive westerners very well and seem to be good at acting the part of LT girlfriend.Same is true to an extent with certain gals in Thailand. However, not everyone is going to like Phils for various reasons - the way the girls look, weather, food/infrastructure, etc.

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Some seem able to see through the physical form of a man to what's underneath, even if the man himself has a superficial outlook. Once a friend of mine who lived in Chengdu for a few months gave me the number of a girl he thought I would be attracted to, and showed me her photo which I liked. At the time, I was not in China but was planning to go in a few weeks.

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So I started calling her with my Skype and chatting her up.

She warmed up within a few calls and started to really like me.

When they finally met the first time after a few weeks, she had already fallen for him.