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I hope all of you had a lovely holiday and a very Happy New Year.

Tomorrow I will resume with my Palm Beach stories and also a description of my nephew’s performance as Saul in Handel’s oratorio “Saul,” which was performed at St Paul’s Chapel on lower Broadway. My Christmas Eve started with an early appearance on NBC's "Today Show" with all the hosts learning last minute entertaining ideas. Please note the lovely scenes of my Bedford farm that were blown up for the backdrop!

I will always remember this Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as a happy and lively time. Following are some random photographs taken during the two days: a "Today Show" appearance, Christmas Eve at Alexis’ apartment, and Christmas Day at the farm.

We cooked a lot, ate a lot, and tried to get ready for our trip to Palm Beach on the day after Christmas.

Tags: alexis stewart, book, daughter, martha stewart, reveal, the martha stewart show, whateverland: learning to live here What? Apparently, Martha was a MUCH-less-than-perfect mother according to a new tell-all book by her daughter Alexis Stewart.

Here's what Alexis wrote about her mother in her book "Martha does everything better! If I didn't do something perfectly, I had to do it again…I grew up with a glue gun pointed at my head." "Martha was not interested in being kid friendly. She would hand me things right before Christmas and say, 'Now wrap these but don't look inside.'"- Martha urinates with the bathroom door open often - She NEVER kept prepared foods in the house when Alexis was a child - Martha is a hoarder - She had a "very hands-off approach to child rearing" - When Alex hit puberty, Martha would not buy her a bra Despite the fact that the book may be largely anti-Martha, it appears that the two actually get along pretty well these days.

He was in good company – other creators of the 150 cows in the parade included Bobby Ballagh, John Rocha and Graham Knuttel.

Perhaps Martha will appreciate the fact that Alexis Stewart is doing whatever it takes to make some $$$. Now, Martha's daughter Alexis Stewart has spoken up about becoming a mother.

This was another really great toy: a box cleverly fitted with all sorts of latches and locks that are commonly found in homes and outbuildings.

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He bitten through his lip from trying to make no sound, and focusing on it, could not help but cry the next. … continue reading »

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