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Just saw John Malkovich in the lobby of the News Corp building (1211 6th Ave.) at 9am. Sans make-up, wearing what looked like linen slacks and a skimpy blouse, and a hat really big sunglasses.

We made eye contact as he was exiting through the revolving doors. She's fugly and waved some fans away "I'm with my child for God's sake!

May 2, , Matt Dillon at restaurant Northwest on the southwest (that's right! He's always there & sitting outside, today for at least an hour trying to be recognized. They were warm & friendly & disappeared for a smoke about halfway through. Saw Ralph Fiennes eating at Compass on the Upper West Side with his two young sons. He looked kind of cute, wearing some red leather jacket I think I've seen him wear on TV and sporting a 5 o'clock shadow.

He's with some girl half his age talking about "if a girl doesn't put out after a few dates." Talk any louder Matt & they'll hear you on Broadway. Seated next to Ric Ocasek and Paulina Porizkova at Craft tonight, celebrating their 22nd (!!! Both are astoundingly tall, he still has the same shock of black hair, & thin, white face. Heard pretty brunette next to him raving about summers at the Jersey Shore.

Anderson smirked at his "friend", who gave a woman begging for money some cash.

As they got off at 42nd street, Anderson touched the small of the guy's back and he smiled. Jeremy Piven sitting with three people a few tables over at Nobu in Tribeca on Wednesday (5/3) at around 10 pm.

Of course, my friend who was with me was convinced JRM was "taunting" him specifically with the underwear flashes. She waited for the buzzer to ring and one lady walked up to her and handed her an ad for palm reading by Gia.

Also spotted Gina Gershon paying Drea de Matteo a visit at her table...

Drea looked much prettier in person, or at least in the dim light.

I have no idea what the connection among the whole crew was, but in addition, they had a puggle and some other dog-like creature that weighed less than my sister's guinea pig.

Uma was taller than I expected—at least my height (6'), and looked pretty good.

My favorite line from JRM, in that accent of his, "I mean, it's like Colin fucking Farrell says get waxed, and women all over Ireland go get waxed." Saw Michelle Rodriguez stepping out of a limo and entering the Osaka health society on 56th street and 6th ave at exactly 6pm. Figures— he was all over the newspapers in Greece this past week calling for George Bush's impeachment while promoting some version of "1984" that he directed.