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In addition to helping biologists monitor the chicks and parents without trekking to remote nesting locations too often, the camera also provides viewers with an unprecedented ability to watch growing condor chicks stretch their wings and feet, live on their computers.The various California nests are managed and sponsored by a team of agencies, including the Ventana Wildlife Society, Oakland Zoo, U. Fish and Wildlife Service, Santa Barbara Zoo and others.“Now, anyone with an internet connection can not only watch condors at two release sites, but now observe their behavior in wild nests, which is truly extraordinary,” said Ventana Wildlife Society's executive director, Kelly Sorenson.The species declined heavily throughout the 20th century and by 1982 only 22 California condors had survived.While there are now more than 400 condors in the world with half of them in the wild, they still face dangers due to human activity.For example, their large wingspan means they can electrocute themselves by getting too close to high voltage power lines.This recently installed nest camera located near the Hopper Mountain National Wildlife Refuge in southern California, will be streaming continuously throughout the year.

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Home to the Channel Islands National Park and Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center, as well as Ventura’s premier oceanfront attraction Ventura Harbor Village – to shop, dine and play!

showcases the activities, events and conservation work of the U. Fish and Wildlife Service here in the Pacific Southwest Region.