Accomodating gifted students in music education

12-Jun-2018 06:04

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You may be able to complete sections of the worksheet as you read the lesson. Their achievement or potential ability can be in: Gifted learners often learn quicker and at a deeper level of understanding than other students in the classroom, and readily see complexities and connections to the real world.However, other educators add that the interests of gifted learners are often intense and urgent, and they are often socially out of sync with their peers.A teacher’s responsibility is to teach the and to make sure that all students learn new content every day.Gifted students already know much of what we are planning to teach, and they can learn new material in much less time than their age peers.... conclude that being smart means doing things, rather than the least able, who will learn less new material than any other group” (p. Educators must learn to identify such students and to provide them with alternatives to re-learning what they already know.

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Products that draw upon a variety of learning styles and intelligences include: models, diagrams, letters, videos, debates, displays, dramatizations, multimedia presentations, concept maps, stories, sculptures, paintings, songs, scripts, classification systems, advertisements, creating content web sites, and cookbooks.The over-three-million academically gifted and talented students in the United States need challenging and motivating curriculums along with well-trained teachers to inspire, motivate, and challenge them to succeed ( According to the National Research Council on Gifted Education over 80% of these students spend the majority of their time in the regular education classroom.These students have potential that is often unrealized.The regulations were adopted by the Board of Education in February 1993 and became active in June 1995.

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At its November 30th 2005 meeting, the Virginia Board of Education opened these regulations for revision.Have you ever considered that gifted students are as much in need of special attention as students who are having trouble keeping up with grade-level standards?

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