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01-Nov-2017 04:08

Different countries interpret numeric dates in a different order.

Some put the day number first, some put the month number first and some put the year first.

Because of this, you should display your times in 12-hour clock as the default.

But if you have many users who prefer the 24-hour clock, you could display the 24-hour time in a link or icon tooltip that opens on mouse hover.

Figuring it out is taxing on the cognitive resources, and can lead to user error.

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The benefit of absolute timestamps over relative ones is that they offer a precise date and time.The user would end up missing that event, which could lead to unfortunate consequences.In contexts like these, it’s so important that your absolute timestamps are timezone friendly.Sites that host photos, documents, messages, tasks and events all need absolute timestamps.

These content will hold utility in the future when users need to reference them.

What’s relevant this year might not hold as much weight a few years from now.