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Mike White played Kim Kelly's oft-discussed injured brother, and first appeared in episode 4, "Kim Kelly is My Friend." Paul Feig, Gabe Sachs, and series composer Michael Andrews appear uncredited as members of the fictional band Dimension in "I'm With the Band." The series' opening sequence depicts each of the main characters, with the exception of Kim Kelly (Busy Philipps), and Harold and Jean Weir (Joe Flaherty, and Becky Ann Baker), having their high school yearbook photos taken as the song "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett plays.The script for the pilot episode of Freaks and Geeks was written by Paul Feig as a spec script.The show ran for 18 episodes, three of which – "Kim Kelly Is My Friend," "Dead Dogs and Gym Teachers," and "Noshing and Moshing"– were unaired by NBC and not seen until Fox Family began running the show in summer 2000.The final three episodes premiered at the Museum of Television and Radio, prior to being broadcast on television.When Sam discusses the matter with his friends Neal and Bill, Bill suggests that they switch the real beer with non-alcoholic beer.Despite the fake beer, the rowdy teenagers begin to think they are drunk and Lindsay soon finds herself having a terrible time when she sees that Daniel is back with Kim.

Lindsay Weir rebels and begins hanging out with a crowd of burnouts, courtesy of an invitation from Daniel Desario.Lindsay enjoys her first taste of vandalism with the freak gang until she accidentally takes things too far.Kim’s friend, Karen (Rashida Jones), bullies Sam; writing "Pygmy Geek" on his locker.Lindsay hesitantly agrees in the hopes of impressing Daniel, who has broken up with Kim.

She asks Sam not to tell their parents and he agrees, though the thought of serving beer at a party worries him after going to a school assembly focusing on alcohol-related deaths.

The Weirs' parents, Harold (Joe Flaherty) and Jean (Becky Ann Baker), are featured in every episode.