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25-Jun-2017 19:11

In the past I had good experience with other dating sites( that are not free). I created a fake profile of a 43 year old woman who looks above average.

This profile got 220 messages in less than 24-hours that it was open. You can't see who visited your profile anymore.

Had never had one infraction, its one strike your out to the folks at OKC.

Would rather be single to share the sentiments of many.

THEY HIDINF PPL, S PROFILES SO PPL "go pay "30$ ... No reply from Ok Cupid IS NOT SO "OK" This app sucks! Filled out a profile, answered the questions, never paid for it. A lot of them complete loosers, but there were some good, decent men on there, even in my area. I was a single mom, but didnt mention that in my profile. He met my daughter a little over a month later and i sold my house and moved in with him 4 months after that.

Having never messaged this person before, I was banned from the site.Most guys said they didnt mind, but a lot of the conversations slowly faded to an end after id mention it. The second guy seemed great and was all into me, but it just didnt work out. The next day i met on okcupid the man i would marry. I mentioned i had a daughter and he seemed totally ok about it. He lived alone with his 2 dogs and took care of himself and had a lot going for him. We have luck and online dating to thank, specifically okcupid.Said he had a big family with lots of neices and nephews from cousins. About 51/2 years ago I was in to the process of getting divorce and I was not going to be in to a relationship any time soon.Oh yeah, women like to post their best pics which may not be current.

Sadly enough I've met plenty of women who looked nothing like what they advertised.

If someone makes a false accusation against you, they don't ask for your side of the story - they want to make a "safe user experience" for the person who reported you, so they automatically ban you. What is not nice is the thousands of assessment questions you have the opportunity to answer or not, but they are what the site uses to determine your "match percentage".